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Zhejiang Metallurgical Research Institute Co.,Ltd.established in 1958, is a Chinese provincial science research institute with more than 150 senior employees. Our company located in Hangzhou Hi-Tech Developing Zone, is a comprehensive institute devoted mainly to researching, manufacturing and developing precious metals (such as rhodium, palladium, platinum and ruthenium etc.) catalysts and compounds. The institute consists of Powder Metallurgy Lab, Electronic Material Lab, PGMs Catalysts and Compounds Lab, Precious Metals Recycling and Utilizing Lab, Metal Materials Lab, Surface Engineering Lab, Environmental Engineering Lab, Inspection and Detection Center. It is the R&D Center of New Specific Chemical, Electronic Materials of Zhejiang province. We have young and innovative team specialized in the field of PGM catalysts, which are widely used in chemical processes for reactions ranging from gas phase total oxidation to liquid phase selective hydrogenation. We are also specialized in manufacturing pharmaceutical raw material and intermediates. We provide technically advanced products for these applications, including life sciences, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, industrial chemicals, petrochemical industry, electronic industry and environmental protection. Our products are produced under qualified and controlled conditions. We are certified to ISO9001:2000. We are able to customize catalysts or precursors of PGM co-ordination compounds for specific projects. We are able to undertake specific research and development projects in conjunction with our customers. We have considerable expertise in rapid upscale of organometallic precious metal compounds. To ensure product quality, we provide detailed assay and characterization data on each product's chemical purity. We operate a strict policy of confidentiality with our customers supported with appropriate agreements. As a responsible company, we work with our customers to offer a "cradle to grave" service, including an efficient and cost effective service for the recovery of the valuable PGM’s from spent catalyst residues. The PGM values can be recovered from spent catalyst residues and converted into fresh catalyst.

"Best technology, best quality, best service and best credit standing" is our goal to make your production processes more reliable, more efficient and more predictable. With our extensive expertise and experience in precious metals technologies, we can adapt existing products, or develop new ones to meet your specific needs.

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