Zhejiang Micro General New Catalytic materials Co., Ltd. is a specialty manufacturer of precious metal including Platinum Group Metals (PGM) catalyst, materials & reagent, established in the area of Cloud Mountain of SuiChang county, Zhejiang province in the east of China serving the industries of  pharmaceuticals, electronic chemicals, fine chemicals, petrochemical, environmental protection, new energy and so on in China and the world. 

The company’s employees are more than 60 in number and  40% more middle/senior professionals and engineers and area approximately 26 mu (1.75 hectare) ground or about 9 K square meters in-door. 

The WeiTong company develops, manufactures, recycles, refines, basically evaluates and sells/exports the  platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium and other series of catalyst materials for many years. Its Laboratory tests the products, evaluates the catalyst performance such as catalyst activity, etc.. The company has received the certificates of Quality Management System of ISO9001:2015, Environmental Management System of ISO14001:2015, Occupational Health and safety Management System of ISO45001:2018 on development and production; about 10 patents of China National IP, the Certificate of Science & Technology type middle-small enterprise of ZheJiang Province, also a candidate of Hi-tech type manufacturer and the Licence of Recycling of Hazardous Waste.

The company has not only taken over the achievements on PGM catalytic materials in the past several decades from Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Metallurgy Research, further have jointly established a National Post-doctoral Research Work Station on Precious Metal Catalytic Materials. The achievements, from the related R&D projects granted by the province and fulfilled, have been commercialized and most of  them are production-ready for the industries.

The company originated from the Laboratory of PGM catalytic materials of the institute since 1950’, registered for business since 2016, solely capitalized by the institute’s YaTong corporation since 2021 and all affiliated under HangZhou Steel Group.

The company brand name is WeiTong that means let the difficult or impossible reaction inspired and accelerated with the micro/nano and subtle catalyst such as PGM at low energy and an easier way through a high energy barrier. “WeiTong” is a term which originates from Chapter 15 of the DaoDeJing of LaoZi, “In ancient times, the doer of the Word was subtle and skillful or generous or understanding, profound and unfathomabal. They were far beyond the comprehension of ordinary people”.

In the contemporary era, the noble metal as catalyst is capable of  efficiently boosting the most organic reactions for the industries. Through you, the WeiTong company will let it be true to build our wonderful green & healthy life on this planet. Your mission is fulfilling with WeiTong unique pgmcatalyst. PGM inspire reaction, We enrich World.


The Mission
Creativity,  Activity, and Green Life

The Vision
Progress, and Proudness

The Core Value
Quality, Service, Strive, and Teamwork