Tell the story of craftsmanship and show the style of The Times -- Hangang craftsman Wei Qing
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Hanggang Artisans:Don't look down on the ordinary, also don't fall in the ordinary, and to use industrious hands and wisdom of the brain in the ordinary to create extraordinary

Hanggang Artisans

Don't look down on the ordinary, also don't fall in the ordinary, and to use industrious hands and wisdom of the brain in the ordinary to create extraordinary

-- Wei Qing

Precious metal recycling is both a discipline and a technology. It not only needs the support of theoretical knowledge, but also needs the support of practical experience, and more importantly, it needs to seek innovation under the guidance of both.

Theoretical knowledge can help you point out the direction, practical experience will let the theoretical knowledge bloom dazzling light, and for different precious metal materials recovery, it needs the guidance of the two to explore the way forward.

Therefore, in the interval of actual production, Wei Qing would think about how to make the existing process more scientific and detailed. When encountering new situations, she would also consult the data and explore solutions in the experiment.

The newborn calf is not afraid of tigers

In the scorching summer of 2005, Wei Qing came to the precious metal branch of Zhejiang Metallurgical Research Institute Co., LTD., the predecessor of Weitong Company, as a "temporary worker".

At that time, the college students who had just entered the company needed to rotate. Wei Qing was first assigned to the rhodium recovery post and followed the master on the post to learn. Do the same work every day: abrasive, chlorination, dissolution, precipitation, washing and so on. Looking at these simple and repeated work, learning for a month, he felt that he has been a teacher, even more than the master... Can list chemical reaction equations that the master doesn't know.

There is no limit to the pursuit of excellence

In the process of adjusting precipitation, Wei Qing first added excessive alkali, stirring for a while ready to let it react well after adding acid to return the adjustment. But the side of the master is "light" to say he is too slow...

Wei Qing retorted, "Then show me quickly."

Master: "I can not only fast, but also can not use more acid and base"

Wei Qing: "I don't believe you have such a cow!"

Master: "Let's make a bet. If I win, you invite me to lunch for a week."

"Deal! As soon as the words stopped, the master tied the blue gown to his waist, rolled up his sleeves, held the stirring rod and stirred vigorously. After the solution was rotated, he added a large amount of alkali, continued to stir and observed the precipitation situation, and then added a small amount of alkali at the right time, stirred and observed again. After repeating the above operation for five minutes, she said OK, the material obediently listened to her words and precipitated, and the supernatant was very bright.

However, in the conventional operation, Wei Qing needed at least 20 minutes, and sometimes the superserum was not very clear, so he needed to repeat the operation, but the master managed to finish it all at once. At that time, Wei Qing opened his mouth in disbelief.

Master: "It's time for lunch. Please have dinner in the canteen."

He obediently took out his meal ticket and respectfully invited the master to lunch for a week...

The bet made him realize that he must be down-to-earth and lay a solid foundation in his work. After learning from the master honestly for more than half a year, he was familiar with most of the operation and details. Later, he could do as fast and accurate as the master, but he no longer thought that he was a teacher, because there is no end to learning, and the technology will be constantly improved in practice.

On the basis that the team members can faithfully implement the existing technology, he will guide and encourage them to think about how to improve the product quality and work efficiency, instead of blindly "facing the loess and turning the back on the earth".

Wei Qing hopes to help more people grow into Weitong company craftsmen, with a lot of ingenuity to Weitong company into an extraordinary company, for the landing of science and technology innovation board to lay a solid foundation.